Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meet Narae

I would like to introduce Narae - my first bjd doll. You must have seen her in my previous post. :)
She is created by Korean artist Bimong. I am not her first owner, as I adopted her from Joanne, who is a very kind doll loving lady from the UK.
I think we were meant to be. I've always admired Narae dolls, but I never thought she would be my first BJD. Luckily, I found her on the web and Joanne kindly let me adopt her. I couldn't be any happier! Thank you, Joanne!

I've decided to keep her original name, as it's so pretty and suits her very well. By the way, Narae means "wing" in Korea. So romantic!

Here are some snaps from our first photoshoot. She's still in search for her look. Enjoy!

Sweet Narae





I am so happy! It's like Christmas all over again! She's so charming and beautiful! I can't stop looking at her! I think it's definitely love...

More sweet-sweet pictures coming soon! ;)


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