Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little Miss Bird on Etsy: now open

This weekend I finally opened my new Etsy store for all kinds of doll pretties.
You can find it here - LittleMissBird

Now I have filled it with my crochet hats and a bit of jewelry, and more pieces are coming very soon.

I will also be selling my Tonttu hats for Blythe there from now on.
They are made from beautiful Finnish wool in variety of colors. The design inspiration comes from Finnish fairytales. Each hat is a bit different due to the handmade nature and two of them are never the same. I think they are just a perfect gift to make your little elves happy.

Aubergine color mix

New Tonttu hat

Carrot color mix

New Tonttu hat

Paprika color mix

Another tonttu hat

Thank you for stopping by! ;)

Warm greetings from Finland!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sweet sales

I went grocery shopping today and came home with a whole bag of other goodness.
I'm so weak, I can never resist sales in toy or yarn sections. :D

Sweet sales

This was a way too good deal to pass. I got awesome Lundby carpets for just 1 euro. The yarn was on sale, too. Awww, and I finally have a Lalaloopsy for my Blythe to play with. :)

Happy day!

Did you manage to find anything great from the sales recently?


Friday, February 1, 2013

Miss Little Mouse

I've been down with terrible flu for several days now. Yuk! To keep myself busy I've been knitting and crocheting some funny outfits for my Blythe. Here is one of them - a hat and a little cape in soft gray mohair. I added a vintage button from my stash for some nice sparkle.
What do you think of my little mouse? :)

Miss Little Mouse :))

And what do you like to do while being ill?